Beygrim Dolthak

Dwarven Blackguard of Tiamat


A figure of legend roughly dating to the Era of Chaos, Beygrim Dolthak was a fallen Dwarven Cleric and adventurer who wandered the world in search of fortune and challenge. Many stories involve his travels with the drow Sszdirnn Freghym, an un-named monk, and a wizard assumed by some to have been Evander Berenger. The earliest tales involve this group being at odds with the thieve’s guild of an un-named port town.

Among some of the horrendous crimes he is said to have committed, tales speak of how, after questioning a shopkeep and not getting the information he desired, he locked the shopkeep and his family inside their shop and burned them alive with a satchel of alchemist’s fire. Some say he bought the vials from that very shop.

Beygrim Dolthak

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