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The world was not always as it is now.

Very little survives of the world from before the Era of Chaos – that grand time of legend, when some claim the Elemental Chaos invaded the mortal world, or the Gods of the Astral Sea enacted a divine punishment on the living races. Whatever the cause, the massive influx of elemental forces changed the world irrevocably. Out of this chaos rose the Eidasian Empire and The Shield Eternal, our stewards and wardens, working to push back the Elemental Chaos and reclaim our world. The Empire and it’s Shield have stood fast for more than 500 years, as the taint of the Elemental Chaos slowly fades from our world.

But this begs the question – why did this change first occur? Extraplanar incursions had occurred before, but never on such a scale. Something must have triggered it, deliberately or not – much like the avalanche so feared in the northern mountains come winter’s months. This question deserves an answer, and to that end, I have dedicated decades of my life to it’s study. Very little remains in the way of solid information, but one thing does stand out – the tale of Evander Berenger, the legendary wizard. His memoirs, widely published, contain precious little more than the folks tales told of him, but it is beyond doubt that the Era of Chaos intersects quite readily with the era he would have been alive and active in the world. A firsthand account of the madness that unfolded in those times would be invaluable to our understanding of what happened.

There is little I can learn from simply studying books now, so I have begun compiling my notes, searching for any bit of information, any scrap of legend that may lead me to more substantial knowledge. With a little luck, this expedition will put to rest the question of how the world became what it is today.

-Teodor Kraus (Foundations of an Empire – first draft)

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